Learn about the PF3 Balanced Nutrition Lifestyle

Eating Healthy Should be Easy!

  • Are you tired of all the complicated nutrition messages?
  • Do you feel that you eat pretty healthy but are still missing something in your diet?
  • Does healthy eating leave you feeling drained and deprived?
  • Do you want to be able to just eat (healthy) and move on with more important parts of your day?


My name is Dina Garcia, Dietitian-Nutritionist & Mindful Eating Coach. After struggling with dieting for years I ended up with disordered eating, weight gain and pre-diabetes. I was able to turn all that around, lose weight and reverse my prediabetes with mindful eating and my super practical approach to eating called PF3.

PF3 Balanced Nutrition can help you:

  • ⇒Fight cravings
  • ⇒Feel Satisfied
  • ⇒Stabilize blood sugar levels
  • ⇒Improve your energy levels
  • ⇒Build a healthy gut
  • ⇒Eat healthy and still have all your favorite foods
  • ⇒Most importantly it’s easy and you don’t have to spend extra time cooking

Are you ready to learn more about my PF3 (Protein, fat, fiber, fluid) approach to healthy eating?  Join me for a free live call on Tuesday June 7th at noon eastern.  I’ll also send you my free guide: Getting started with PF3.  This guide includes everything you’ll need to get started. If you can’t make it live I will be sending out a recording.

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