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Crush CravingsWith our fast pace lifestyles, high stress levels, constant exposure to images and ads for unhealthy food, and easy access to those unhealthy foods it’s no wonder food cravings and over indulgences are so frequent for many of us. I have had some pretty dark times with stress related binge eating. Being able to find a happy place with food where I mostly eat healthy but don’t feel guilty for enjoying less healthy foods has been amazing and I am on a mission to help others get there too. I know for me and so many others cravings can be a huge barrier to making healthy eating stick so I wanted to share with you:

3 Simple things you can start doing now to better control your cravings.

  1. Eliminate any physical need for food. The quick answer on how to do that is to eat and eat enough. If you aren’t eating enough your body can kick into survival mode and increase food desires. Eating the wrong foods will cause spikes and drops in blood sugars that can trigger cravings. That is why I recommend including PF3™ (protein, fat, fiber and fluid) into your meals and snacks and making sure you eat enough. Studies have shown that people who restrict their intake of food (aka a diet) are more likely to binge eat as a result of stress. I still stress eat from time to time but a little indulgence does the trick where it used to take a lot to sooth the stress. A big contributor is that I no longer diet and I eat PF3™ balanced meals in sufficient proportions to leave my body feeling satisfied.  I eat far from perfect but it’s balanced.  In my PF3™ Boot Camp (details below) I share with you simple PF3™ balanced recipes, meals and snack ideas. You will also get to schedule a 1:1 session with me for a custom PF3™ plan and to discuss how we can take foods you are already eating and better balance the portions so your meals and snacks are PF3™ friendly.
  2. Eat the food that you are craving. I know some of you are hitting the panic button already. I hear so often people say “if I have it in the house I can’t help myself” or “once I start I just can’t stop”. I know, I used to have the same thing happen to me.  Totally avoiding a food that you are craving or really love is more of a band aide fix for many and can later lead to over indulges once you do allow yourself to eat it.  Try to sit, un-distracted when you eat treats.  Pay attention to all five senses as you eat.  Enjoy it, then move on with other things in your day. Don’t dwell on guilt or the fact that you ate it. By following PF3™ your body will feel fed and happy making it easier to start working on the behavior components of eating. During my PF3 Boot Camp we are going to be talking about my delay and distract but don’t deprive technique that has already helped countless people enjoy their favorite foods without over doing it.  Plus we will talk about reprogramming the neural pathways in our brain so that food doesn’t have such a tight grip on our mind. 
  3. Become an empowered eater. Empowered eating allows you to take control over your food choices through increased awareness around what effects your decision to eat or not eat. It involves looking at the who (we are eating with), what (we are eating), when (times of day), where (location), why (hunger, boredom, stress, sadness), how (quickly/slowly, stressed/relaxed), and how much (quantity) in regards to our food choices. During my PF3™ Boot Camp I will be guiding you through the some exercises that will help you have increased awareness of social and emotional influences on your decision to eat, greater self-awareness of how different foods effect your body, and more control over non-hunger related eating.

If you are ready to learn more about PF3™ and empowered eating I invite you to sign up for my next PF3™ Boot Camp by emailing me (info at vidanutrition dot com) today.

Update: The next Boot Camp Starts June 21st and the early bird cost is $169 until Saturday June 11th at 11:59pm. Then the regular price of $199 takes effect.  (Payment plans are available)

Dina Garcia, RD, LDN
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