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Halloween is just around the corner! And we all know what that means…

We’re putting the finishing touches on the kid’s costumes, making plans for school parties, rounding up friends for trick-or-treating…

…and soon enough, our houses will be bursting at the seams with candy.

Panic and fear can set in as Halloween slowly approaches and you begin thinking about…

What am I going to do with all the candy!?


Here are Tricks to Limit Your Halloween Treats

Now, my kids are pretty healthy eaters, so I’m not concerned about letting them have a few small pieces of candy every day until the Halloween bucket is empty.

I’m more concerned about how much candy my husband and I are going to eat!

Taking the “just don’t eat it” approach isn’t going to work because I have a sweet tooth but I also have to be careful because I have a history of prediabetes and gestational diabetes.

So here are a few ideas to limit your Halloween treats and keep your sugar intake under control.


  1. Do Not Skip Meals to Offset the Candy Calories

When people fear they may overeat later, sometimes they will skip meals throughout the day to justify the overeating or consumption of “junk food” that lies ahead.

Well, that’s not exactly the right way to go about it.

Studies have actually shown that skipping meals will only make you hungrier – in fact, skipping meals will also increase your next meal portions.

So, eat all your meals. Drink plenty of water to keep you feeling fuller longer.

You’ll be less likely to overindulge when you are full. There’s no shame in having some candy – but it’s all about being mindful about it, and doing it in moderation.


  1. Weigh, Pay, and Say (Goodbye)

After Halloween, your house is going to be full of tempting candy.

I know mine will, so I decided that I am going to try something new with my kids this year.

I’m going to weigh all the candy and then pay my kids a set price/pound for some of their candy!

Then, I plan on donating all the candy I purchased from them to a retirement community, charity, or group that sends candy overseas to our troops.

After that, I plan on taking my kids to the dollar store where they can spend their cash. Some dental offices even buy candy back from kids to prevent cavities!


3. Make 3 Piles of Candy

You don’t need to get rid of all your candy. For example, when I speak at my Nutrition Talks, I remind people that they don’t have to give up their favorite foods to be healthy. They just have to be mindful about what they are eating (read this blog post to learn how to get started with mindful eating).

Try sorting the candy into 3 different piles:

  • Pile 1- Have to have it (for me that’s Twix and Reese’s)
  • Pile 2- I’ll survive without it (eehh, I could live without suckers and gum)
  • Pile 3- No thank you! (I don’t even think I would give Dots to my worst enemy)

Treat yourself to a few small pieces of candy per day and put the rest in a place where you can’t see them.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Remember: restricting yourself from food can make you want it even more. Your chances of overdoing it later will then greatly increase.

**Throw away or donate the “no thank you!” pile so you don’t eat it later just because it’s there.


  1. Try Mindful Eating

When you do indulge in a piece of candy, enjoy it in a calm and quiet environment.

Sit down at the table in an upright position. Try to get rid of any distractions: no TV, cell phone, music, etc.

Take the time to savor your candy. Focus on all the different flavors you taste.

Don’t listen to the negative thoughts of how “bad” that candy is for you. Turn off the noise. When something is labeled as “unhealthy” or “bad’’ people automatically become ashamed of eating it in public or even at all.

Tell yourself that liking candy is normal and it doesn’t make you immoral for enjoying it. Releasing guilt and fully enjoying it can actually help prevent overindulging. Practice mindful eating every day. If you do it everyday, it can help you take control of your diet habits. You can learn more about what mindful eating is in this blog post.

Surviving Halloween is only a small feat…but what about the Holidays? They’re just around the corner! Learn how to survive them here!

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I use a diet-free approach to healthy living, and work with clients to help them take back control and feel empowered to both live and eat healthy. If you are looking for a non-diet approach to living in a body you love without constantly worrying about what you eat, then reach out to me today, or schedule a Free Empowered Eating Session Today. You can also join my free, private, Online Wellness Support Community for daily motivation, support, and more!

This article was originally published on October 29, 2014 and has been updated.

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