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Coaching is less about “being on a diet” and more about living without limits, so you can create healthy habits that fit into everyday life.  In order to help you create habits that stick, I use a 3 phase process to overhaul your eating.

Phase 1: Simplify Healthy Eating

I find that society as a whole, as well as most experts, have overcomplicated healthy eating with their quest for the “perfect diet”.  I don’t think we should be looking for a perfect diet, but rather one we can enjoy and consistently follow that is overall balanced with healthy foods.  Furthermore, developing a pattern of eating that will fit your schedule yet still keep your body fueled to perform is key to feeling great.   During this phase, I provide you with very practical yet effective nutrition guidelines that can be followed in pretty much any situation.  So whether you travel for work, have little time for meal prep or planning, or want to go celebrate with family & friends, you won’t derail your progress.

Learning outcomes include knowing: how much food to eat, how to easily yet 

properly balanced meals, how to follow a hunger scale, basic guidelines to stay satisfied (ie, not hungry) if you are trying to lose weight, and ways to include your favorite foods.*

Phase 2: Become An Empowered Eater

Empowered eating allows you to take control over your food choices through increased awareness around what effects your decision to eat or not eat.  It involves looking at the who (we are eating with), what (we are eating), when (times of day), where (location), why (hunger, boredom, stress, sadness), how (quickly/slowly, stressed/relaxed), and how much (quantity) in regards to our food choices.  In addition to mindful eating, during this phase, I will also guide you through some exercises that will help you achieve the necessary mindset to make this process even easier.

Behavioral outcomes include increased awareness of social and emotional influences on your decision to eat, greater self-awareness of how different foods affect your body, more control over non-hunger related eating.*

Phase 3: Fine Tune Your Nutrition

Some people will find that phase 1 and 2 have given them the results* they are looking for so they don’t even want to get into too much nutrition fine tuning.  But if someone still wants to dig a little deeper this is the phase where I will fine-tune your nutrition by recommending supplements, offering a nutrigenomic test (diet and lifestyle recommendations specific to a DNA test), and/or fine tuning some of your food choices and meal patterns for optimal results.   Many experts will jump straight into this phase first.  However, after personally helping hundreds of individuals make positive lifestyle changes I have found that phase 1 and phase 2 are really a necessary foundation to make sure that any more rigid guidelines can be followed through with until they become a habit.  Your long-term success is more important than quick results.

Interested in learning more about my nutrition coaching process or the various programs I offer?

*Please note, results are not guaranteed and will vary based on factors such as an individual’s effort, genetics, lifestyle and diet history.

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