About Vida Nutrition

“Vida” means life and Life is truly the core of what we at Vida Nutrition strive to improve for our clients.

We are highly trained dietitian-nutritionists so yes we put a lot of focus on food, nutrition, and healthy habits… but we go beyond just teaching people what to eat.  We really dig in and learn about our client’s lives and what their roadblocks to success may be.  We understand that if you are overstressed, under-rested, or not having your physical, social, financial or emotional needs met, then choosing an apple over a cookie is just going to feel harder than it should– heck even having an apple available when you need it can be a challenge when certain parts of life are out of balance.  This is why we find it so important to help clients find practical, stress-free strategies to healthy eating, while at the same time helping them identify ways to bring fun, purpose, and serenity back into their “Vida”.

Vida Nutrition, Owner

Hi, I’m Dina Garcia, I’m the founder and lead Dietitian-Nutritionist at Vida Nutrition.

After struggling with dieting for years I ended up with disordered eating, weight gain, and pre-diabetes. I was extremely frustrated with the fact that I was working so hard yet I still wasn’t getting results.  I was able to turn all that around with a combination of mindful eating and my super practical approach to eating healthy called PF3. Now I no longer struggle with weight, food or up and down blood sugar levels. The best part of my wellness journey is that I was able to develop healthy habits while also developing a healthy relationship with food. I look forward to helping you do the same. 

Vida Nutrition, Associate Dietitian

Hi! I’m Jenny Carrazana, I am excited to be a part of the Vida Nutrition team and all that we stand for.

I understand that eating healthy can feel like a challenge.  As an adolescent, fast food became more available to me and because I was less active, I struggled with achieving a healthy weight.  This empowered me to learn as much as I could about nutrition, ultimately leading me to earn a Master’s Degree in Dietetics & Nutrition and becoming a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist.


Hola! Yo soy Jenny Carrazana y estoy muy entusiasmada de ser parte del equipo de Vida Nutrition y todo lo que representamos.

Yo entiendo que comer saludable se puede sentir como un desafío. En mi etapa de adolescencia, la comida rápida se hizo más disponible para mi y porque estaba menos activa físicamente,  luche con lograr un peso saludable. Esto me empujo a aprender lo mas que yo pude sobre la nutrición y a la larga me condujo a obtener un grado de maestría en Dietéticas y Nutrición y llegar a ser Dietista Registrada-Nutricionista.

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