April Fools

You Must Not Know Me Very Well

If you did, you would know that I believe:

  • If it sounds too good to be true then it isn’t true
  • There are NO quick fixes that work… at least not permanently
  • No single pill, food, serum, injection or powder can out perform balanced, healthy eating.

You deserve to live in a body you love without diets, deprivation, pills, shots or gross supplements.

I’m Dina Garcia, Dietitian-Nutritionist and mindful eating coach.  Having overcame my own disordered eating, pre-diabetes and struggle with weight my mission and passion in life is helping chronic dieters develop a healthy relationship with food so they can live in a body they love without torturing themselves.  I do this by teaching my clients about flexible nutrition, mindful eating and how to create lifelong habits.

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 Dina is an outstanding human being, a source of knowledge, and she will help you reach your goals with a steady and gentle hand.  I recommend her to everyone willing to listen.  -Mycell Perez (Miami, Florida)*

I am truly impressed with the program that Dina Garcia has designed for me. Not only with the foods, but the wealth of knowledge that she gives to you in the program. As an older, yet busy adult, I have found the foods delicious, easily prepared and nutritionally fulfilling. Dina also has a true sincere desire to help motivate and maintain your new lifestyle. Dina Garcia is not only a highly qualified dietitian and nutritionist, she is a great mentor!                                           -Constance T.  (Indiana)*

I’m very pleased with the knowledge and support Dina has already provided. She is an excellent choice for a nutritionist!  – Kim B (Pinecrest, FL)*

I recommend Dina with all my heart , she has all the right ways to make it happen!  She is the best .                                                         – Michal Fridfertig (Israel)*

Find out exactly what you need to do to STOP DIETING and START LIVINGhome page

Most people think that healthy eating requires work, planning, and boring repetitive foods.  Therefore they do it for a short time then revert back to old habits.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  I can show you how to balance your diet so that it becomes healthy, delicious and convenient.



*Results will vary based on factors such as an individual’s effort, genetics, lifestyle and diet history.

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