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4.97 Stars - Based on 75 User Reviews
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Badmus Gbolahan Oluwatimileyin AvatarBadmus Gbolahan Oluwatimileyin
I was so shocked and amazed the very moment I received
my second profits in my Bank account this is wonderful. indeed good work deserve great recommendation, after my first profits I had to reinvest my $600
in his company, which after 5working days I got my second profits of $5,100, I'm...
read more - 5/19/2023 
John Ruark AvatarJohn Ruark
Dina has really changed my relationship with food. I was impressed by her knowledge/training on the science of food, and her ability to persuade me to set realistic goals that can be achieved, and then sustain them. Her interpersonal skills and emotional presence were amazing. I have lost 30 lbs... read more - 4/02/2023 
GB AvatarGB
I can tell that Dina is so passionate about her work as a nutritionist. She was extremely knowledgeable, but working with her was more than just what she knew. She did such a good job at listening to my needs and helping me find solutions that were easy for me... read more - 4/02/2023 
ES AvatarES
I felt like Dina understood my food problems better than I did myself. She helped me achieve things I didn't think were possible. Before we worked together I was a huge emotional eater, felt very out of touch with my body and treated exercise like a chore. It... read more - 4/02/2023 
CT AvatarCT
I had been trying to change my eating habits for years but was never successful. After my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and would eventually need medication I knew I needed professional support. Dina really took the time to understand my life, routine, food preferences and needs in... read more - 4/02/2023 
AL AvatarAL
I came to Dina for advice with my 11 year old daughter. She was friendly and and receptive and personable 🙂 when assessing my concerns and providing advice and feedback. She has a strong understanding of food behaviors and how to help my daughter... read more - 4/02/2023 
Alison Anderson AvatarAlison Anderson
Dina has been such an instrumental part in a whole life change for me. Her passion for her work with people and food is one I have never seen before. She really cares and I don’t tend to see that often. She really got to the heart of what was... read more - 3/02/2023 
Denise Delvalle AvatarDenise Delvalle
AMAZING program with a true and caring professional whom is extremely good at her job . She always listens ,,, is up to date on latest literature ,,, and provides very useful feedback to deal with issues at hand wether they be psychological barriers or basic nutritional... read more - 3/02/2023 
Lissa Nirenberg AvatarLissa Nirenberg
She is a wonderful nutritionist dealing with all aspects of eating well - mind and body - I feel great to be able to refer to someone of this quality and have her to help me personally too - 11/02/2022 
Liz Kershaw AvatarLiz Kershaw
Dina gave a presentation to a group of teens. She was great! Easy to talk to and ask questions after. - 10/02/2022 
Sabrina “The Busy Mami” Akhavan AvatarSabrina “The Busy Mami” Akhavan
I had 3 sessions with Elke and she is wonderful. She really helps identify the root cause of any issue you’re having and then helps bring you clarity. I always leave our sessions feeling calm, confident and overall happy. I feel so much progress in my life. - 5/02/2022 
Daisy Herrera-Kall AvatarDaisy Herrera-Kall
Had a great experience coming to Elke! She's is sensitive to how you feel and has a knack for locating the areas and thought patterns where you are having difficulty. She is able to find solutions for clearing them up. If you find yourself having thoughts that... read more - 5/02/2022 

*Results will vary based on factors such as an individual’s effort, genetics, lifestyle and diet history.

Voted #1 Nutritionist in Miami in 2015 & 2016 by Thumbtack (until they stopped giving the award)**


Voted #1 Nutritionist in Miami

Voted # 1 Nutritionist in Miami

* Voted # 1 Nutritionist in Miami







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