Getting Started with Mindful Eating

We're a society of people that eat on the go. We eat in our cars. We eat at our desks. As a whole, we rarely devote time to enjoying the eating process. The rushed way in which we eat contributes to stress and poor digestion. Stress is also a major contributor to...

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Meditate Your Way to a Healthy Diet

Mindless eating is a common issue many of my clients are trying to get rid of, and for good reason. Mindless eating is often associated with eating more food but having less enjoyment of that food. To suck the joy out even more, mindless eating often leads to guilt...

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Creating a Health and Wellness Vision Board that ROCKS!!!!

A vision board is not a magical manifesting tool that will help you magically pull money and happiness out of your ass. Though I definitely find value in the law of attraction I tend to take a more practical scientific approach to life. Which is why to me a vision board is more about setting aside time to clarify your goals and visually represent them.

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Low Sodium Seasoning Salt that Actually Tastes Good

In a small bowl, combine 3T iodized salt of choice, 3T potassium chloride, 1.5T garlic powder, 1.5T onion powder, 1T chili powder, 1T finely ground pepper, 1T turmeric, 2t ground ginger, 1t paprika, 1t celery powder, 1t ground mustard, 1t ground cumin. Mix well. Pour...

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What Is Mindful Eating?

  Have you ever dipped into a bag of chips or cookies while watching TV and without even realizing it, finished the entire bag? Or possibly you’re one that likes to eat at his/her desk, giving more attention to your work than your food. One that I’m guilty of...

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