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We all have different reasons to eat right and exercise.  Weight loss, disease prevention, more energy, longer life, better skin, etc.  Often times, either on the surface or deep down, we put pressure on ourselves to diet and exercise because we are reaching for an image of perfection.  Newsflash, nobody is perfect nor should they try to be.

When you can shift your mindset and start doing things simply for the reason of loving your body it can relieve some of the pressure that you may feel when you are on a “diet”.  My motto is:  Eat right and exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.

For this reason I have created a Body Gratitude Challenge.  It is the first of many Simple Changes BIG Results Challenges that I will be posting in the months to come.  You can get community support for this challenge by joining my private FB support group Eat-Play-Love Yourself Healthy

Body Gratitude Challenge, Description:

  • Write on the top of a lined paper: Body Gratitude Challenge
  • Number each line 1-30
  • Day 1: When you wake up write something on line 1 about your body that you are thankful for or that you love.
  • Days 2-30: Every morning when you wake up read the statement(s) that you wrote the day(s) before and write a new body gratitude statement on the next line.

Example Fill in the Blanks that you could use for your daily statement:

-I love that my body can__________________________

-My favorite body part is my____________________ because____________________

-I am thankful for my body because______________________________

-I love my body___________________________

Sounds pretty simple right?  Like I said, it is a Simple Changes BIG Results Challenge. If you want to do this challenge but would also like a network of caring people to support you, please join my private Facebook Group: Eat-Play-Love Yourself Healthy

Dina Garcia, RD, LDN
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