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Eat Breakfast Everyday!

Most of my posts to this bID-100219453log are things that you may already know.  However, I understand that knowing and doing are two different things.  I also know that making today’s fast paced lifestyle a healthy one can be a challenge.  That is why it is important to make small gradual changes.  When one healthy change becomes a habit, try to then create another healthy habit.
Many people tell me that they simply aren’t hungry in the morning.  This is usually because 1) they have never been breakfast eaters, coupled with 2) the immense adapting capabilities of our bodies.  If you never give your body breakfast, your body will adapt it’s hunger ques allowing you to bypass the need to eat in the morning.  So for non-breakfast eaters I generally ask them to start off slow, eating 100-150 calories for breakfast.  Then to work their way up to a calorie level to meet their needs.   Below is a chart giving a recommendation of how many calories you should eat at breakfast, given your total daily caloric needs.  The range is to account for whether or not you get calories from snacking in addition to your meals.  Also keep in mind this is only a guideline and doesn’t account for individual needs or eating habits.
Daily Caloric Need                                      Recommended Calories for Breakfast
     1200                                                                           300-400
     1400                                                                           350-450
     1600                                                                           400-550
     1800                                                                           450-600
     2000                                                                          500-650
     2200                                                                           550-725
Eating breakfast , especial one that is sufficient in calories and healthy, has been shown to lower caloric intake later in the day and contribute to a lower overall caloric intake for the day.  Below are a few sample breakfasts and their calorie levels.  You can adjust the portion sizes and/or omit items to meet your specific calorie needs.
Breakfast Option 1- 400 calories
2 cups Cheerios (200 calories)
1 cups fat-free milk or soymilk (100 calories)
1 medium banana (100 calories)
Breakfast Option 2- 370 calories
Thomas’® 100% Whole Wheat Bagel (250 calories)
2 tbsp Light Cream Cheese (60 calories)
1 Cup of Berries (60 calories)
Breakfast Option 3- 410 calories
Egg sandwich:
1 whole egg + 1 egg white (100 calories)
2 slices of  whole wheat toast (160 calories)
1 Slice of cheese (100 calories)
1 Tbsp Light Margarine (50 calories)
Breakfast Option 4- 390 Calories
1-1/2 cups Special K® Protein Plus Cereal (240 calories)
1 cup fat-free milk or soymilk (100 calories)
2 tbsp walnuts (100 calories)
2 Tbsp Dried Cranberries (50 calories)
Breakfast Option 5- 325-370 calories
1 cup cooked plain oatmeal (150 calories)
2 tbsp walnuts or almonds (100 calories)
3 tbsp dried cranberries (75 calories)
1 tbsp brown sugar (45 calories)- optional
Splenda/Truvia and cinnamon- optional
Breakfast Option 6- 410 calories
Yogurt Parfait:
6 oz low-fat/fat-free Greek yogurt, any flavor (150 calories)
1 cup berries (60 calories)
2 tbsp of nuts (100 calories)
1 Nature Valley® Oats & Honey crunchy granola bar- crumbled (100 calories)
Breakfast Option 7- 320-420 calories
Orange-Berry Smoothie*:
1/2 cup vanilla soymilk (50 calories)
1/2 cup orange juice (60 calories)
6 oz low-fat/fat-free Greek yogurt (150 calories)
1 cup fresh or frozen fruit-unsweetened (60 calories)
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder- should equal ~15 gm protein (100 calories)
1/2 cup ice cubes-optional
*blend all ingredients in a blender
Breakfast Option 8- 390 calories
Veggie Omelet with:
2 egg whites + 1 whole egg (130 calories)
1 cup veggies of choice sauteed in cooking spray (15 calories)
(I like mushrooms and spinach or tomatoes, onions, and peppers)
1/4 cup cheese (feta or mozzarella) (100 calories)
1 slice of whole wheat toast (80 calories)
1 tsp light butter & 1 tbsp jelly (65 calories)
Sorry this post was late!  I was busy planning projects for National Nutrition Month.
Happy National Nutrition Month to ALL!!!!
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