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With the current coronavirus situation, many people are on edge. Slowing the spread of the virus, or flattening the curve as some call it, is vital if we want to prevent overloading our healthcare system. Flattening the curve is not just about lessening the amount of people who get the virus, but about lessening the amount of  people that get the virus all at once. 


Source: CDC, Drew Harris
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None of us want to get to a point where medical professionals are faced with deciding which patients get medical treatment and which ones are simply wished good luck.

I’m sure you are well aware of the things we can do as individuals to flatten the curve, such as practice social distancing and frequent handwashing.

What about building our individual immune systems to flatten the curve?


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Something that isn’t talked about often,  is how lessening the severity of each case will also lessen the burden on our healthcare system.  Meaning, if people contract COVID-19 but don’t need hospital care it will leave more space for those that do need it.

Since the virus is pretty new and we lack sufficient data, it’s hard to say exactly what will lessen the severity of the virus. However, we do know that elderly and those with certain comorbid conditions, as a whole, are more severely impacted by the virus. 

But being young or seemingly healthy doesn’t mean your body will just brush off the virus on its own in a short amount of time either. Only time and more research will reveal how we can best protect ourselves from severe illness or death from COVID-19. 

Building Up Your Immune System

In the meantime, making an effort to keep your immune system as healthy as possible certainly isn’t going to hurt. In fact, it may even help you better fight the coronavirus should you contract it.  I have some helpful blog posts in the works covering everything from immune boosting foods to how to minimize stress eating, so stay tuned and subscribe below.

As a dietitian-nutritionist that specializes in binge and emotional eating I offer unique solutions for those that are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and build their immune system.  

I am well equipped to give you sound advice and practical strategies for building an immune boosting meal plan, while at the same time giving you mindset tools to make sure you can implement your plan. I can also help you further strengthen your immune system with do-able stress management techniques.  

If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together on boosting your immune system while minimizing stress eating, schedule a free strategy call today. 


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