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Are you ready to let go of dieting and develop a healthy happy relationship with food?

Say NO More…


 Love-hate relationship with food and self-sabotage.

… I know what I “should” do, I just don’t do it
Emotional eating cycled with guilt and deprivation
Lack of time to plan meals (it’s not as hard as we make it out to be)


NO More… I’ll start Monday!

For some people, healthy eating seems so intuitive and for others, it is a constant struggle to take care of their diet. Some people have total control over their food intake but have lost the joy that food should bring while other people feel they enjoy food too much.

What caused your unique subconscious patterns around food to develop?


 Defining Archetypes

Archetypes are patterns that arise out of our collective subconscious as a result of all of our personal experiences. Think of them as little sub personalities we develop based on our own unique experiences and genetics. How food was dealt with as a child may have caused us to employ a certain archetype to process that experience. Repetitive failed diet attempts could further other archetypes to develop. The list goes on. The archetypes form as a way to allow us to cope with our circumstances and guide our behaviors.

Take the “Discover your eating archetype” quiz to find out:


Which of the 8 eating archetypes (innocent, victim/soother, warrior, martyr, fool, creator/artist, tyrant, magician) are most present in your eating patterns.
An overview of how and why each of those eating archetypes developed.

Resources and strategies to begin rewiring your eating archetypes.

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