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IMG_20151011_160714670I secretly struggled with food for years. Let me tell you, it wasn’t fun. No one deserves to feel tied to their scale, ashamed of their body, or worried about how others will judge what they eat. Now I’m honored to have the training & ability to help other people connect the dots between knowing what to eat and actually doing it. While at the same time helping them foster a healthy relationship with food and their body. I find that most people over-complicate and try to perfect healthy eating and it prevents them from making progress. With the right approach, mindset and person to guide you it can be easier!*

I invite you to join my FREE LIVE CALL that will help you:


  • Ditch food rules, the diet mentality AND the scale because you are worth so much more than all of that… and they really aren’t helping you anyways.
  • Uncover your hidden emotional eating barriers and set them free.
  • Develop a mindful, empowered and guilt-free approach to healthy eating so you can have a happy relationship with food and your body.
*Results will vary based on factors such as an individual’s effort, genetics, lifestyle and diet history.

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