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Halloween Treats Under 100 CaloriesSo Halloween is right around the corner.  Halloween candy is going to start showing up in the break room at work, at parties, and even in your own home.  Though I know the damage sugar can cause I would NEVER deprive my kids (or myself) of the fun and excitement that comes with trick-or-treating and ALL THE CANDY!  Since I’m very sensitive to sugar and prone to high and low blood sugars I have to be careful not to over do it.   With so many yummy candy bars, chocolate, gum, and lollipops, it is hard to resist.  It’s okay to have some of these treats but portion size is critical.    I hope this list will help you enjoy a sweet Halloween without getting scared (when you look at the scale)…

Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories* 

*Portion size and balance with the rest of you diet is critical

Hershey Kisses: 4 kisses = 89 calories

Reese’s Pieces: One fun size pouch = 70 calories

Pez Candy:  2 Rolls = 70 calories

Snickers: Fun size = 71 calories

Tootsie Roll: 4 pieces = 93 calories

Nestle Crunch: One fun size bar = 60 calories

Mars M&M’s: Funs size packet = 70 calories

Hershey’s Miniatures: 2 = 84 calories

Jelly Beans: 25 peices = 100 calories

Double Bubble: 5 peices = 100 calories

Skittles: Fun size pack = 60 calories

Candy Corn: 13 pieces = 100 calories


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