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I have seen a few holiday challenges focusing on extra workouts to burn off the extra calories consumed or challenging you to resist temptation from your favorite holiday foods.  This approach really never works in the long run and it’s no fun in the process.  That is why I created a really simple yet focused holiday challenge.  The details are below:

Who can join?   Anyone can join by visiting

Prizes:  Grand prize winner can choose between 2 one-on-one sessions with me (a dietitian-nutritionist & mindful eating coach) or a spot in my 12 week small group program starting in January.  There will also be weekly prizes.

How do you win?  Rack up the most points.  More details are in the group and the video above, but here is a break down of how to earn points:

  • 10 minutes of exercise=10 points
  • 8500+ Steps for the day= 25 points
  • Eat a piece of fruit= 10 points
  • Eat a cup of veggies= 20 points
  • Meditate for 10 minutes= 20 points
  • Donate a healthy food item= 10 points
  • Mindfully eat a treat= 0 points
  • Mindlessly eat a treat= (-) 20 points

For more details and to join the challenge please visit: Eat-Play-Love Yourself Healthy

Wishing you a healthy happy holiday season.  ♥ Dina
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