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EGCG, or epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is one of several polyphenols found in green tea.  Among its variety of benefits and uses, weight loss has taken the spotlight. Weight loss is obtained from diet-induced thermogenesis and fat oxidation.  Basically, it increases the amount of calories burned and aids the body in using stored fat for energy.

Losing weight with the EGCG in Green Tea

When drinking green tea you are only ingesting minimal amounts of EGCG.  You can buy concentrated EGCG as either a single extract or as part of a weight loss supplement.   However, studies looking at oral administration of EGCG were shown as not being very effective.  Plus, with supplements, you are never really sure if the plant or substance was properly processed or extracted to preserve the beneficial qualities.   In other words, do your research and choose a company with good processing techniques that you can trust.

So even if you don’t drink green tea to lose weight, drink it for the high antioxidant content,. Particularly the antioxidant group known as catechins.   Catechins are particularly powerful antioxidants that inhibit oxidative damage to cells and help fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and aging.

Bottom Line:  Don’t rely on green tea for any significant weight loss.  Do drink it to create a sense of well-being knowing that you are doing something good for your body.

Change your mindset from “I have to work so hard to achieve a healthy lifestyle”  to “I enjoy making choices that are good for my health”

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Be on the lookout for more posts about Green Tea and Weight Loss Supplements.  ‘Till next time…

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