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Tips to Help You Slow Down and Eat LessStudies have shown that eating slower helps you to be more satisfied with less food.  This is key for those that are trying to manage their weight.  It seems like such a simple change to make but it is a challenge for many, myself included.  I have to constantly remind myself to slow down when I eat and I’ve been working on this 1 small change for almost a decade.

16 Tips to Help You Slow Down and Eat Less

  1. Practice- You must practice to break the lifelong habit of eating quickly.
  1. Use smaller plates, bowls, cups, and silverware.
  1. Sit down to eat, every time!
  1. Avoid distractions. While it’s not practical that you can do this every time you eat but practice distraction-less eating until you feel good at it.
  1. Practice mindful eating and pay attention to all your senses.
  1. Serve yourself less food. You can always go back for more, but for many that feel the need to “clean your plate” this can help cut down on overall food intake.
  1. Put your fork down and/or take a sip of water every few bites.
  1. Chew slowly.
  1. Try to eat with your non-dominant hand.
  1. Try to convince others around you to eat slowly with you.
  1. If necessary, take a deep breathe before eating and in the middle of meals and snacks.
  1. Work on slowing down your life. If you are rushing around all day how can you expect to slow down just for meals?
  1. Take smaller bites
  1. Try not to load your next bite onto the fork or spoon until the last bite is finished and swallowed.
  1. Add a new object to your eating scenery. For example, place a new vase on the table or a wristband around your wrist.  Every time you see this object use it as a reminder to slow down.
  1. Until you get good at eating slowly, try to avoid foods that you are more likely to eat quickly.  For example, a sandwich or a wrap that falls apart with every bite inhibits you from putting it down between bites and forces you to eat it quickly.

I created these tips to help those that are participating in this month’s Simple Changes BIG Results Challenge on Mindful Eating.  You can join in the challenge by visiting my online community Eat-Play-Love Yourself Healthy and clicking the green “join group” button just below the header.

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