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Improve your health without dieting!


People commonly express apprehension before working with a dietitian-nutritionist. They may be thinking things like:

  • Will I have to give up my favorite foods? (NOPE)
  • How difficult is it going to be to change? (I’m here to make it as do-able as possible)
  • Will I be judged or shamed for my food and lifestyle choices? (100% no!)

I pride myself in offering judgement-free care that helps to undo existing damage from diet culture and one’s lived experience of weight bias.  Rather than focusing on changing the size of your body we will work towards shifting your habits and behaviors in ways that best support your physical and mental health.

Nutrition Counseling/MNT* Services:

  • Diabetes / pre-diabetes
  • High cholesterol / dyslipidemia
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Food sensitivities
  • Digestive issues
  • Eating disorders

Nutrition Coaching Services:

  • Family nutrition
  • Picky/selective eating
  • Anti-diet coaching (kids, teens & adults)
  • ADHD management
  • Disordered eating prevention in kids & teens

*You will need to physically be in Florida (where I am licensed as a dietitian-nutritionist) or in any state that doesn’t require licensure (Indiana, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont) in order for me to provide you with MNT/nutrition counseling services.

NOTE: If you’re here to…

  • improve your relationship with food’
  • feel at peace around food
  • stop yo-yo dieting
  • build a positive body image
    …then you may want to explore anti-diet coaching before engaging in MNT. If you are a coaching client I can see you in any state. You can read more about my coach programs here.




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