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Life in Miami may not always be hassle free but you should be able to

enjoy the beach…

⇒Confident in your body

⇒Empowered to eat well and exercise

⇒Yet still be able to enjoy life and food guilt-free 

Miami Beach has its fair share of weight loss programs, personal trainers and nutritionists.  You may have even tried most of them. Many “health” programs out there leave you feeling

♦ Frustrated with the up and down results

♦ Like eating healthy has to be hard because they are highly impractical

♦ Defeated that you couldn’t stick with them for life

If you are looking for a different kind of dietitian-nutritionist… look no further.

My name is Dina Garcia, as a dietitian-nutritionist and mindful eating coach I liberate my clients from dieting by offering them practical solutions to eating healthy, moving more and loving themselves.  After reversing my prediabetes and traveling my own weight loss journey I have learned that so many people have the same food struggles I used to have but was too ashamed to admit at the time… Yes I have finished an entire bag of oreos in 1 sitting and left my fair share of restaurants feeling like I needed a wheelbarrow to make it to the car.  Through my journey to food freedom I have found a way to follow simple balanced nutrition and squash any negative thoughts or feelings of guilt toward food and truly live a healthy yet diet-free lifestyle.*

If you are ready to…

Stop the yo-yo diet cycle*

Eat healthy without having to count calories, points or macros*

Live confidently in a body you love*

Healthy eating really doesn’t have to be complicated or hard.  When you approach it with the right strategies and mindset things naturally start to fall into place without having to struggle with willpower.  My 3 phase approach will help you eat in such a way that you will feel satisfied, healthy and confident you can continue with it.

Phase 1: You throw all your diet rules to the curb and make healthy eating simple and effective with my PF3 Nutrition Guidelines.

Phase 2: You work on self-awareness and behavioral patterns around food through mindful eating. During this phase you learn to bring true pleasure into the eating experience and put an end to emotional–boredom, stress, anxiety– eating.

Phase 3: You will fine tune your nutrition choices.  Once you have built stable balanced eating patterns, eliminated emotional eating and developed a healthy relationship with food it becomes much easier to fine-tune your nutrition and make it stick so that it doesn’t just become “that diet I did”.


Interested in Learning More?

Still on the fence? Check out my reviews on google, yelp,, thumbtack and health grades.  I look forward to helping you make healthy eating do-able!

*Please note, results are not guaranteed and will vary based on factors such as an individual’s effort, genetics, lifestyle and diet history.

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