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I have seen a few holiday challenges focusing on extra workouts to burn off the extra holiday calories consumed OR challenging you to resist temptation from your favorite holiday foods (insert eye roll).

First of all, this approach is no fun, and it promotes the same “all or nothing” mentality that has likely failed you so many times in the past.

Plus it just increases guilt and shame around eating, which for someone who is an emotional eater will only make overeating worse in the long run.

That is why I created a healthy holiday challenge that keeps participants dedicated to the process of change verses making them feel good or bad about achieving a certain result or following through on a specific behavior.

The details are below:

Who can join?   Anyone can join as long as they are committed to keeping a judgement free and supportive viewpoint within the group. Ideally you will also be willing to take weight loss off the table (at least temporarily) and be invested in ending emotional eating by becoming a more intuitive eater.

Join by visiting

Prizes:  Winner will receive access to my 12 week program PF3® & Diet-Free. The program includes static and time released content such as videos, worksheets, exercises, meal plans and more.  You will also have access to me via a HIPAA compliant app which will allow you to send me secure messages and keep a photo diary and mood journal for me to review and provide you direct feedback.

How do you win?  As I said before, I feel that assigning “points” for doing certain things will only create a black and white or an all or nothing mentality. This goes against the essence of intuitive eating.

Therefore the winner will simply be chosen based off of engagement.  As an example, if one of the challenges is to not weigh yourself you don’t “win” that challenge by not weighing yourself. You win by engaging in the content around that challenge, sharing your experience and supporting others.

For more details and to join the challenge please visit my exclusive Facebook Group:

End Emotional & Binge Eating with Dietitian Dina


Wishing you a healthy happy holiday season.  ♥ Dina
Dina Garcia, RD, LDN
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