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Hi, I’m Dina Garcia, RD, LDN and founder of Vida Nutrition, LLC.

I have a deep commitment to my clients and their success.  I remember what it felt like to be controlled by food and I know how great it feels to be free from food guilt and empowered to make healthy choices.  Everyone deserves to feel good! Healing my relationship with food and reversing my pre-diabetes has fueled my passion for helping others live their healthiest most energetic lives.  Whether you are an individual or business, I want you to feel like you have a personal dietitian-nutritionist.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching:

Rebel against dieting, because of long-term, diets DON’T work.  Learn to live without limits to and create healthy habits that fit into your busy everyday life.  Coaching programs are geared toward weight loss, pre/ post-natal nutrition, pediatric/family nutrition, sports nutrition, bariatric surgery support & general wellness.

Medical Nutrition Therapy:

Do you have a medical condition that requires a special diet? It can be frustrating to have a medical condition, to know you need to make changes, but not really be sure where to begin. Let us help. We will pair you with one of our highly trained registered dietitian-nutritionists to help make the transition into your new diet a stress-free process. Some of the conditions we provide medical nutrition therapy for include: diabetes, pre-diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, celiac disease, digestive disorders, high cholesterol/lipid imbalances, and more.

Hypnosis Services:

If you have been stuck and unable to successfully change your feelings, thoughts or behaviors it is likely that you are being affected by experiences from your past. How often do you say “I wish I could stop myself from …”, “I wish I could get myself motivated to …!”? People often conclude that they are weak minded when they find themselves not doing the things that are good and right for their health and well-being. The reason is that to change behavior successfully, the subconscious mind that drives emotions and behaviors, has to be ‘updated’ to align to our desires and goals. Hypnosis can offer that update.

    Testing Services:

    We understand that sometimes eating a well-balanced diet just isn’t enough when it comes to optimizing your health. Here are some of the additional testing services we offer.

    • Indirect calorimetry
    • Micronutrient testing
    • Cardiometabolictesting
    • Nutrigenomic testing
    • Hormone balance testing

    VIP Services:

    We all deserve to be pampered from time to time. In addition to virtual or in office appointments many people benefit from a more hands-on approach to learning. Ask about our VIP services.

    • Celebrity Style Pantry Detox
    • In-HomeCooking Demo
    • In-home Meal Prep Lesson
    • Personal Supermarket Tour

    Corporate Services:

    Are you a business looking to promote wellness in the workplace for your employees?  Or are you a restaurant that wants to offer healthier selections with nutritional information for your customers? Vida Nutrition offers an array of corporate consulting services.

    • Talks and workshops for employees
    • Cooking demos
    • Restaurant Services
      • Nutritional Analysis of menu items
      • Planning and recipe collaboration
      • Healthy menu creation

    On the fence about investing in one of my programs?  I get it!  You don’t want to spend more money on something that you aren’t sure will work.  Been there, done that, right?  I’d like the opportunity to show you a few simple things that you can start doing today to help you reach your goals.  I want you to feel confident that working with me will work for you BEFORE you commit to me or more importantly yourself. Get your feet wet and schedule a free strategy session today.

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