Nutrition & Menu Analysis

Nutrition and Menu Analysis

Compete a food diary and we will provide you with a computerized nutrition analysis of your current dietary intake. Analysis includes daily calorie, fat, protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral intakes, a 7 day average, and a break down by meal. This can be very informative and especially helpful for individuals who are picky eaters or have restrictive diets.

Having a party or professional engagement but want to promote healthy choices at the same time? Have the menu for your party or meeting nutritionally analyzed. Place cards with nutrition information will also be included.

Are you looking for a new marketing strategy? With more people choosing to eat healthy a great way for restaurants to attract new customers and to keep their current customers is to provide them with nutrition information for their menu or at least select menu items. If you need help planning a “light menu” for your restaurant let Vida Nutrition help take items and/or themes from your current menu and give them a healthy twist. On your menu you can put “Registered Dietitian Approved”

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