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As I began to recover from binge eating, one of the first things I noticed was that I wasn’t thinking about food as much.  As I thought about food less often, it helped me binge less. I was finally going from being in a downward spiral to being in an upward spiral!! 

So I want to share with you today 4 things that helped me and so many of my clients stop obsessing about food.

1- Eating satisfying meals. To me a satisfying meal is one that is adequate, balanced and enjoyable. To teach people how to make meals that are satisfying I created the PF3® Method.  PF3® is an acronym for protein, fiber, fat and fun.  By learning how to balance these four components in a meal, I began feeling truly satisfied from what I was eating.  No guilt and no fear.  If your body isn’t satisfied it just makes sense that it will want to think about food in search of satisfaction. Satisfaction comes from feeling full, but also from feeling pleasure from what we eat. 

 2- Allowing all foods to fit.  What this means is no foods are off limits.  I know this can seem scary.  At first I was worried I’d just eat processed carbs and sweets all day long.  Well at first I had days like that, where my body wanted nothing but the foods I had restricted for so long.  But eventually it figured out that these foods were no longer in short supply and the draw toward them dissipated to a more normal level.  Believe it or not, when the body is being fed satisfying meals that aren’t restricted, it actually craves balanced eating most of the time.   

3- Being present at meal time. What I really mean is to be mentally present.  Sure I still eat at my desk or in front of the TV sometimes, but I’m a whole lot better than I used to be at taking the time to pause and actually enjoy the meal/snack that I’m eating.

4- Letting go of the scale. The reality for me is that as long as I was looking at the number on the scale I was going to use that information to determine what I could/couldn’t eat for the day.  For example, if I liked the number I would be more likely to splurge. If I didn’t like the number I’d vow to “eat healthy” that day, even though the restriction would often lead to a binge.

If you feel like you think about food too much, let me know which of these strategies you think will be the most helpful for you.

I’m honored to be here with you on your journey to food freedom

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Dina Garcia, RD, LDN
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