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The Anti-New Year’s Resolution

For years I was completely against New Year’s Resolutions.  After all, if there is something that we want to change about ourselves, our habits, or our situation, is there a better day than today?  Why does it have to be at the first of a new year?  However, over the years New Year’s Resolutions have grown on me.  There
IS something refreshing about starting a new year.  If at the first of the year; the calendar changes, our taxes/finances start over, schools start a new semester, why not make a resolution and attempt a new us?

Now that we have established a benefit to making a New Year’s Resolution lets talk about making one.  Since well over half of resolutions are diet/health related and I’m a Dietitian-Nutritionist it should only be fitting that I discuss making a nutrition related resolution.  Most resolutions should be attainable, measurable, and sustainable.  I’m sure we have all heard that before but we often don’t listen because we have also been told to set the bar high.  I’m going to change things up and suggest a resolution that keeps on growing.  Start each month with a new monthly resolution.  Start each month by continuing the previous months’ resolutions and adding a new one.  Here is just one sample idea of how you could do it…

January– Limit my sugary drinks, snacks, or desserts to just 2 portions per week.

February– Eat a small handful of unsalted tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc) most days of the week… permitting you have no nut allergy, sorry to point out the obvious, grin!

March– Get a reusable water bottle and start tracking my water intake.  I will aim for 8-10 cups/day.

April– Get up and get moving!  My body isn’t going to sculpt itself.  (check out these guidelines to get started  2008 Physical Activity Guidelines )

May– Incorporate more vegetables into my diet.  Need a simple start?  Try a new vegetable every 1-2 weeks.  Choose a veggie, Google a recipe, and savor the flavor.

June– Start enjoying my food!  I will be mindful when I eat, chew slowly, I won’t eat while doing other activities.   I’ll say it again…enjoy my food, taste, texture, and smell!!!

July– There is no better time to start eating more fruit than summer.  I will aim for 2-3 cups of fruit per day (depending on your size/activity).

August– Start buying lean meats, remove the skin from my chicken, and try lean ground turkey

September– I will make sure to get enough calcium in my diet.

October– Limit my alcohol intake and choose healthier alcohol options.

November– Start Meatless Mondays

December– Focus on friends, family, and activities through the holidays but still enjoy small portions of my holiday favorites on occasion.

It’s important to keep up so you don’t get behind!  Good Luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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