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Image of woman trapped in diet cycle, unsure of what to eat

The diet cycle can be vicious. And it is a cycle – one that always leads you right back to where you started – usually with little results to show for it.

The cycle usually starts when you’re young:

You started a simple diet to lose a few pounds. It felt easy and you loved the compliments you started to get as you dropped the pounds. You came up with some great healthy breakfast plans for every day of the week, you started a great exercise regimen, and you were feeling good.

But then…

Over the next one to five years you gain the weight back.

No problem, you go on a diet and lose the weight again. Once again, you’re looking great and people are admiring your new figure.

But then you repeat this cycle a few more times, and, little by little, each cycle gets a bit more difficult.

Getting Out of the Diet Cycle

graphic showing diet cycle

The diet cycle has a way of sucking people in and consuming them. Once you’re stuck in that cycle, it starts getting harder to lose weight, and/or you regain more weight than you lost with the last cycle of dieting.

And as you grow more frustrated, you may start to feel out of control.

Each and every time you crank through the diet cycle, your set point gets higher and higher. This increase in your set point makes it that much harder to get back to what your weight was before the cycle even started.

Eventually you start to give in to your cravings (I go into how to crush those cravings here), and you have less control over your food choices. This is a result of both the psychological and physiological effects of dieting.

Well, hopefully you’re reading this before you’ve gotten to that point. But if not, have no fear! There is hope.

Are you trapped in the diet cycle? If you are, I can help!

If you’re ready to end the diet cycle for good, or to prevent yourself from getting stuck in it to begin with, reach out to a dietitian who uses a diet-free approach to healthy living, like the dieticians at Vida Nutrition.

We are highly trained dietitian-nutritionists who work with clients to help them develop stress-free strategies to live a healthy life and focus on healthy living and healthy habits.

Remember: life doesn’t always have to be about dieting. When I speak at my Nutrition Talks, I like to remind people that there are ways to ditch dieting for lasting results, and  that a healthy diet is all about mindful eating.

Have you been in the diet cycle before? How did you break out of it? Let us know in the comments! And if you need some support breaking out of – and staying out of! – the diet cycle, consider joining my free, private, Online Wellness Support Community.

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